The composition and use of centrifugal fans.

The composition of the centrifugal fan
Centrifugal fan is mainly composed of chassis, main shaft, impeller and movement. In fact, the overall structure  is simple, driven by a motor, and the impeller starts to rotate. During the rotation of the impeller, pressure is generated. Due to the pressure of the ambient air circulation. If the temperature of the construction site is high, the high temperature can be discharged, which can cool the effect and make the temperature of the work site more suitable.

How does a centrifugal fan work
The working process of centrifugal fans is easy to understand, and there is not much difference with most motor drives. The motor drive can directly drive the impeller to rotate, and the process gas generated by the rotating impeller will generate a certain pressure at the same time. Driven by pressure, the use of high-temperature air, the effect of ventilation and cooling. In the construction scene of the factory, the centrifugal fan is very  important.
Use of centrifugal fan
Wearing is a common problem during the use of equipment. Especially the position of the spindle bearing,it is easy to appear in the process of using it for a long time. Once the wear occurs, you should use the correct  maintenance method to solve the problem, so that the centrifugal fan can continue to operate normally. The  waste gas produced by different factories is not the same, and the attitude of abandonment will be slightly  different. Particulate waste gas, if it needs to be enlarged to increase the flow of ventilation equipment, it can  better particulate waste gas. If the more viscous gas is, the centrifugal fan needs to be used, it will be able to  better deal with this situation, and it will not affect the equipment.

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