Effect of lubricating oil injection into axial flow fan equipment

Effect of lubricating oil injection into axial flow fan equipment
There are many models and specifications of axial flow fans, but whether it is a traditional axial flow fan or the latest modern machinery, the parts that need lubrication are inseparable from bearings and gears, and the hydraulic system.
Function of lubricating oil injected into axial flow fan equipment:
1. Reduce friction between components
There is mutual movement between bearings and tooth surfaces. The function of adding lubricating oil to the surface is to separate the friction surfaces to reduce the friction between parts and improve the efficiency of mechanical equipment.
2. Reduce wear
The lubricating oil between the bearing or tooth surface can reduce the friction load and reduce the wear of the equipment.
3. Cooling
Due to the function of axial flow fan, the equipment is in long-term operation, and the surface temperature must be high. Adding lubricating oil can reduce the friction and heating of the equipment.
4. Anticorrosion
Being outdoors will lead to corrosion on the surface of the equipment for a long time. Adding lubricating oil can isolate air, corrosive gas and other phenomena.product-description

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